Me Undies Post

Meundies has revolutionized the way we buy underwear. Personally, I like meundies for a few reasons:
1. They have quality products not outsourced to china
2. They have fun designs
3. They use e-commerce customization
4. They are cheaper than most quality underwear brands

However, I do have some criticism because they basically copied “the dollar shave club” business model where you buy razors through a website once a month and they come to your door.
Likewise, the Meundies onboarding process basically functions like that of Stylemint, where users select the styles and colors they like and the startup provides them with personalized choices, for $16 a month per item in addition to free shipping and returns. Members can also cancel their membership at any time without penalty.


The company guarantees that their product is the “most comfortable underwear ever”, and it takes great lengths to personally gauge quality control in the American and Turkish factories where it manufactures its product.

This company inspires funderwear to get venture capital and be able to operate using e-commmerce.


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November 15, 2012 · 6:44 am

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